4 Tips For Visiting A Winery Resort

If you enjoy wine and spending time in the country, then there are few better ways to spend your vacation than at a winery resort. These resorts typically offer plenty of wine tasting, tours of the vineyards, and other wine-centered events, plus comfortable suites where you and your travel companions can spend the evenings. Before you embark on one of these excursions, here are a few tips to ensure an enjoyable experience for all.

1. Don't over-indulge.

Yes, being surrounded by wine day in and day out is tempting. But if you drink too much on the first day, you won't enjoy the rest of the vacation a whole lot. Try to moderate your drinking by using the spit bucket rather than swallowing all of your samples, and by spacing out your glasses of wine. Drinking a glass of water after each glass of wine can also help.

2. Be adventurous.

Maybe you mostly drink Riesling at home, or perhaps you are convinced you only like white wines -- not reds. This is your chance to expand your palate and try something new. So leave your preconceived notions of what you like at home, and get ready to try new wines. This is your chance to do it without buying a whole bottle. You might discover a new favorite!

3. Talk to the other guests.

Wine is a social lubricant. You and the other guests already have a shared interest in wine, too. This should make it easy to mingle with others at the resort throughout your stay. So rather than keeping to yourself, do a little socializing. Most resorts have a common area where you can grab a bottle of wine and play cards or sit by the fire at night. Join that crowd rather than just sitting in your room.

4. Participate in daily activities.

Many resorts also have planned, daily activities that focus on wine. For example, there may be a scheduled walk through the vineyard every day at 9 am, or a seminar on proper tasting every day at 4 pm. Even if you think you're familiar with the topics of these daily activities, it's a good idea to attend. This is how you get to know the resort staff better, and when you know them better, they are more likely to do you favors like leave an extra bottle of wine in your room or bring out the unique samples for tasting.